Puria Safary - Periods Of Life

“Periods Of Life” opens on May 2nd to May 16th at ULA Berlin Gallery

Birds of prey can fly more than hundreds of Kilometers gliding through the air without beating their wings.

We are no birds of prey!

We constantly have to keep moving to gain progress.
We have to run, jump, act, talk.

Yet it is not neccesarily about reaching higher levels. It is about changing today to discover new challenges in the future.
We need a certain amount of dissatisfaction to avoid idle State.

My exhibition focuses on the different impressions, experiences and periods of life.

Everybody has got a different way.
And this way leads from here to another place.

we might share the boundless sky with the birds of prey, but it is no Option for us to stop beating with our wings.
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Concept Store M proudly presents “Puria Safary – Periods Of Life”
Gipsstr 5, 10119 Berlin, 2013


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Make the best out of nothing”

Exhibition at ConceptStore M,Berlin from September 29th 2012 to January 15th 2013

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